Dutch Olympic competitor Madiea Ghafoor has been sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in prison after 2 million pounds ($2.58 million) worth of ecstasy tablets and crystal meth was found in the boot of her vehicle in Germany, DPA news office has revealed.

Ghafoor, 27, was halted at a fringe check-in Elten in June where 50kg of ecstasy, 2kg of crystal meth and 11,950 euros in real money were seized by police, the report said.

The competitor, who ran for the Netherlands in the 4x400m hand-off at the 2016 Olympic Games, argued not liable to the charges at Kleve District Court and said she thought she was conveying doping materials, the German news organization said.

The Dutch Athletics Union said it was stunned by the case and would research Ghafoor’s case concerning doping materials to find out who else may have been included.

“We are paralyzed by the judgment,” an announcement on the association’s site said. “With the decision of the German court, the Athletics Union rejects the activities of Ghafoor.

“The Athletics Union censures any utilization or exchange doping or medications and completely concedes to the Dutch doping law.

“The case has been moved to the Doping Authority to examine the degree to which the doping enactment has been disregarded.”

Ghafoor would not uncover who she was moving the medications for and said she dreaded for the wellbeing of her family, DPA said.


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