A sick child turned into a professional fighter. Roshan Mainam’s objective is to add one more victory to this unusual movement: India’s first MMA title holder.

The Manipuri made one enormous stride towards that objective last Saturday when he won his introduction session for ONE Championship – one of Asia’s greatest MMA advancement – improving his record to 4-2.

The fourth offspring of a constantly sick dad and a mother, Roshan, a sick kid with a permanent cough, grew up tending cattle and working in rice plants. Motivated in equivalent parts by area mate Sarita Devi’s 2006 world title and Sushil Kumar’s Olympic bronze two years after the fact, Roshan moved to Delhi and joined the esteemed Guru Hanuman akhara. Under Dronacharya awardee Maha Singh Rao, Roshan won four state-level junior and cadet titles in the same number of years. Be that as it may, while he was on the cusp of breaking out, vacillating at the nationals implied his minute never came.

“I was a youngster, so far away from my home. I got Rs 2-3,000 every month and it was difficult to continue a wrestler’s eating routine. I didn’t have the heart to approach my mom for more cash so I chose to return and get a new line of work,” Roshan reveals to The Indian Express.


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