In yet another modification in the Davis Cup format, the world governing body ITF has abolished the Group I and II at the regional level competition, making India’s road to the Qualifiers even tougher.

From 2020, the Indian team will have to contend with superior European, South and North American nations in order to qualify. As of now, there are four Groups – I, II, III, IV – in each of the three zones which are Americas, Asia/Oceania, and European/Africa.

According to the new position, Group I and II won’t be there from 2020 onwards and rather a 24-group World Group I and a 24-group World Group II will be framed.

“It’s intriguing however clearly, it will be harder for us. We were constantly prevailing in Asia. The organization required a change so they did it yet from India’s point of view, each match will be intense,” India’s non-playing commander Mahesh Bhupathi was cited as saying.

The 12 losing countries from the Qualifiers in March one year from now alongside 12 champs from the recently presented World Group I Play-offs, will frame the World Group I. The 12 washouts from World Group I Play-offs and 12 champs of World Group II Play-offs will frame the World Group II.

The play-offs will be held close by the Qualifiers in March 2020 and it keeps on being home and away position in two-day ties.


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