How about we start with some incredible news in case you’re a Novak Djokovic fan, which you certainly ought to be!

 The world number one has been on the rack since the US Open, yet he has uncovered he is back preparing and is probably not going to miss any, or if nothing else much, of the Asian swing.

 Small time who unquestionably isn’t a Djokovic fan, obviously, is Nick Kyrgios and he has been asked to end that quarrel and spotlight individually vocation.

Kyrgios’ hate for Djokovic may come from the verifiable reality that he is a gigantic Roger Federer fanboy. Truth be told, he cherishes Federer so much he even exhausts himself discussing him.


At last, Andy Murray has returned to winning courses in singles tennis, and he could be going to make an arrival to the Great Britain Davis Cup group as well.


What’s in the news

 Novak Djokovic is simply the ‘most complete’ player, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer and would beat them multiple times out of ten when they are all taking care of business, says the totally fair-minded Goran Ivanisevic.

 “For me, we should put it along these lines, in the event that they are for the most part playing their best in 10 matches, I would state at any rate eight matches Novak wins,” he said.

 “He’s the most complete player of the three.”


He additionally upheld every one of the three players to go over 20 Grand Slam titles, including: “Rafa will win a couple of increasingly French Opens and will go more than 20 without a doubt.

 “Novak will go more than 20. Roger, you can’t under-gauge. Despite everything he’ll be pondering Wimbledon.”


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