Tokyo Olympics – Praveen Jadhav threatened on his return to India

Archer Praveen Jadhav, who left a mark of his best performance in the Tokyo Olympics, has returned home. Praveen Jadhav played the Olympic Games diligently and gave life to it. However, on his return to India, where he should be welcomed, he has been caught in family disputes.

The parents of the Olympic player say that their neighbors are not allowing them to build houses on their own land. If the house could not be built, they would have to leave the village. According to the information, Praveen Jadhav is a resident of Satara district of Maharashtra. The entire family lives in a two-room house in Sarade village. Praveen’s father Ramesh Jadhav says that it is difficult to survive in a two-room house. That’s why they want to build more rooms. But the neighbors are not allowing this to happen.

If living rooms are not made available, then the player’s family will go to live in the village. Jadhav, who returned to the country after playing the Olympics, has also talked to the media about this. He says that my parents used to work for the State Agriculture Corporation (Mahamandal). We got this land to live by Sheti Mahamandal. At the same time, when our financial condition improved, we started building houses.

Talking to the news agency, he told that the State Agriculture Corporation had given this land to us by verbal agreement. At that time no lease was given. At the same time, when Praneen Jadhav started working in the army, the condition of his house improved. When the money came, a two-room house was built. The strange thing is that at that time no one raised any kind of objection. At the same time, now that the preparations for building a big house are starting, the neighbor is facing problems.

Jadhav has claimed that he has the right over the entire land. At the same time, they are ready to leave enough space for the road to the neighboring land. He also told that if the construction work is not done, then his purchased goods worth Rs 1.40 lakh will have to be sold for Rs 40 thousand. The player said that even when they had decided to build a toilet, the neighbors threatened to complain to the police.

The statement of Sub Divisional Officer Shivaji Jagtap has also come to the fore in the matter. Talks are on with the neighbors and Jadhav’s family in the matter. It is possible that soon there will be a solution for this.
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